About The Site

EzyHow - as the name suggest, publish how to guides and software tutorials in an easy manner. Here easy means that you can easily implement tutorial that you read here. Main motive of EzyHow is to spread knowledge worldwide.
Many of us encounters one or more 'how to' question while working with a new software or doing something that is not regular. To get answer of them, EzyHow always welcome you. Here you will get your answer, but if it is not yet published then please don't hesitate to ask. You can use our Contact form for this purpose.

About The Author

Harinder Singh (author of EzyHow) is a student of Computer Application and pursuing his bachelor degree. He lives in Amritsar, a holy city of Punjab (India). He is passionate to learn new things and share his experience and knowledge through his blog.

Harinder Singh

A student of computer field who is passionate to learn new things and help others as per his knowledge and experience.
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