The title says 'Amazing Internet tricks & tips that you cannot miss' so its obivious that I will not talk about all that old tricks such as to search following on Google:

    do a barrel roll
    Google in 1998
    zerg rush
    blink html 

Or to search Do the Harlem Shake on YouTube and wait for few seconds to see magic.

Do the Harlem Shake | Shake YouTube

 Above was the just introduction now coming to real one's.

# Use Mozilla Firefox / Google Chrome / Any other modern browser as notepad.

For this you just need to type data:text/html, <html contenteditable> in address bar and press enter. You can also bookmark that page.

# Create GodMode folder in Windows

For this you just need to create a new folder with following name:

Or watch this video for more detailed procedure.

# Create disposable temporary email accounts

Yes, you can create disposable temporary email accounts (that you may need to complete a survey or something else). For this just go to . You can also use following for this purpose :

10 Minute Mail

Guerrilla Mail

Throw Away Mail


# Explore Space with Google Sky

Want to explore space by just sitting at your home / office then use Google Sky. Also try Google Moon and Google Mars .

# Play Game in Google Image Search

Yes, its true. You can play game in Google image search. You just need to search Atari Breakout in Google image search or click here.

Atari Breakout | Play Game in Google image search

# Internet not working, play game in Google Chrome

If Internet is not working and you are trying to open a webpage in Google Chrome you will see a error message with dinosaur. Then just press space.

Without Internet play Game in Google Chrome

# Some YouTube Tricks & Tips

All following tricks are for youtube watch page (where video plays). Please note if there is https:// in address, replace it http:// otherwise you may get a error.

1. To download YouTube video:

     Replace youtube with 10youtube.

2. To download Youtube video trick 2:

    Replace youtube with ssyoutube.

3. To bypass age restriction / watch restricted videos without signing in:

    Replace youtube with nsfwyoutube.

4. To convert video to gif format:

    Replace youtube with gifyoutube.

Example: To convert video to gif Change URL to

# Google Timer with Alarm

Go to and search Google Timer. That's all.

Google Timer

# Google Calculator | Online Scientific Calculator

Go to and search Google Calculator.

Google Calculator | Online Scientific Calculator

# Food v/s Food on Google Search

Compare any two foods on google. For example: cheese vs butter

Google Food v/s Food | Cheese vs Butter

# Latest Standalone Offline Mozilla Firefox installer

For latest offline installer of mozilla firefox web browser go to . For detailed procedure please watch this video:

# Some Bonus Tips

  • In browser address bar to put .com behind the URL, just press Ctrl + Enter.
  • To open link in new tab, press & hold Ctrl and click on link.
  • Use Google search as dictionary. Just search meaning of AnyWord or AnyWord meaning . Change AnyWord with your word whose meaning you want to find.

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